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Here are a few of the kind things some of my current and former students have said about me:

I would heartily recommend Olivier as a teacher for anyone wanting to learn French for either work or personal reasons. I enjoy our weekly lessons for their variety and the element of surprise - will we have an hour of grammar or read an article about the French political elite? Olivier always helps me engage the subject of the lesson even if I'm distracted with work matters. And he has always encouraged conversation, even when my vocabulary was limited, which helps me feel like I'm making progress in a practical sense.

Michelle Edkins (Managing Director, BlackRock)

I decided to reacquaint myself with the French language some 20 years after my last school lesson. My busy commuter lifestyle demanded a flexible approach which was met by private tutoring with Olivier, who worked at times and locations convenient for me. He worked patiently to develop my language skills from a basic level. Weekly lessons were adapted to my requirements and provided within the context of real-life situations. I also gained an insight into various aspects of French life. Olivier is an enthusiastic and effective tutor and I am happy to recommend him.

Paul Lyndon (Project Portfolio Manager)

Olivier has managed to bring my schoolgirl French up to a standard that allows me to live happily in France for 3 months each year. He always tries to cover subjects that interest me, or have a practical application.


Olivier is a great teacher; my fiancee and I learnt together with him and his endless patience and humour made the two hour lessons fly by. He knows just how to explain things so you feel like you are making real progress every week and our confidence in speaking French grew significantly in just a short time.

Daniel Strickland and Lee Rotbart (Guest House Proprietors: St Ives)

Olivier structures lessons around my needs and weaknesses, from conversational French to grammar. His patience and humour mean there is no sense of pressure, despite close attention to detail. Some of the most enjoyable and enlightening French lessons I've had!

Nicola (teacher)

I sought one-to-one classes specifically because I wanted to combine verbal-only grammar exercises with conversation on the points raised. Olivier delivered this perfectly, matching my pace to make best possible use of time and give the results I was looking for. And although the classes were in French his excellent knowledge of English provided lots of useful references.

Max Richardson (Financial Advisor)

Cher Olivier, many thanks for providing me with tailored and focused French lessons to help me get back up to scratch for my job interview. The timing was flexible and the instruction clear and fun. Thanks also for reminding me that speaking French is a real pleasure, as well as necessary for my job.

Piers (Civil servant)

I enjoyed working with Olivier; he is very patient and immediately understood what I was trying to achieve, ie an improved standard of everyday conversational French for simply finding my way about. He was flexible as to the format of each lesson but managed a good balance of grammar and spontaneous discussion.

Joanna Fortnam (Gardening Editor, Telegraph Media Group)

I have really enjoyed learning and improving my French with Olivier. I had a fairly good understanding and knowledge of French to begin with (although the grammar was a little suspect!) and therefore Olivier was able to find a level & content that was personally tailored to my ability. I hope that one day I will get an opportunity to live and work in France and I think Olivier has instilled a confidence in me where one day this may be possible.
Olivier would even teach me French idioms that I am eager to use the next time I’m in France. I would highly recommend Olivier to someone wanting to take lessons as he will help push you towards your personal goals regardless of your ability and experience

Tom (Aged 22, Insurance Broker)

Ed: I began lessons with Olivier to fulfill the language entry requirements at INSEAD (the business school located in Fontainebleau, France). It was a tough challenge - he had six weeks to improve my French from a schoolboy level (and that was ten years ago) to achieve a B1 "Practical" Level of French in the DELF exam so I could take the course. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher - Olivier was flexible in terms of fitting in lesson times in my busy working week, testing in his pedagogy to ensure I progressed quickly, and inventive in his wide range of learning materials. He also gave me some excellent advice on further study and appropriate homework. Before I studied with Olivier, I was well under the level required for B1. I took my exam six weeks later, and passed with a score of 89% (pass mark was 50%). That improvement would not have happened without Olivier's input, and I am extraordinarily grateful. Merci beaucoup!
Katy: My husband recommended Olivier to me and I had a series of one on one lessons to improve on my basic level of French as we were relocating to France. I really enjoyed my lessons with Olivier. At first I was embarrassed by my own lack of ability, and frustrated as I instantly wanted to be able to hold a conversation with him in French, but he really put me at ease and I began to progress quickly. He is incredibly patient and adjusts the speed of learning accordingly. I learned a lot from Olivier, and would absolutely recommend him as an effective teacher.

Ed & Katy Warrick

Je les remercie,